Escaping the Heat

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's officially Summer and the temperatures in and around Las Vegas definitely reflect the season. In an effort to escape the heat, the Mountain Rescue Team headed to Robbers Roost at Mt. Charleston to conduct their monthly weekend training session. The scenario was a fallen climber who complained of neck, back, and leg pain.

The team started the day by talking to a witness walking down the trail who reported the location of the injured party and confirmed initial complaints. The team continued up the trail and hiked to a location above the victim where systems were set up. One Rescuer was lowered with a litter to the victim, treated the injures, and called for additional rescuers in order to help with the evacuation. Three additional rescuers rappelled to the location of the victim, helped to package the patient, and helped in the evacuation. The remainder of the team cleaned up the systems and rappelled to the bottom of the canyon. The entire team helped to carry the victim to the road while providing appropriate patient care.

Here's one of the Officers making the 150 foot rappel into the Canyon located on the Robbers Roost trail: