The Sauna at Goldstrike Canyon

Thursday, June 24, 2010

This morning, two volunteers from the Mountain Rescue Unit, two PJ's from Nellis AFB, and one SAR Officer responded to the Colorado River located just below the Hoover Dam. It was reported that an 18 year old male had hiked to the bottom of Goldstrike Canyon with some friends to enjoy a well-known hot spring known as The Sauna. Witnesses reported that the 18 year old had decided to go for a swim in the Colorado River and had been swept away by the current. He was last seen about 200 yards down stream of The Sauna hot spring.

An air search was conducted by LVMPDSAR using the Huey while additional search teams utilized boats and jet ski's to scour the river. Pictures of the air search can be found here.

As of this afternoon, the search for the missing swimmer continues.
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Escaping the Heat

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's officially Summer and the temperatures in and around Las Vegas definitely reflect the season. In an effort to escape the heat, the Mountain Rescue Team headed to Robbers Roost at Mt. Charleston to conduct their monthly weekend training session. The scenario was a fallen climber who complained of neck, back, and leg pain.

The team started the day by talking to a witness walking down the trail who reported the location of the injured party and confirmed initial complaints. The team continued up the trail and hiked to a location above the victim where systems were set up. One Rescuer was lowered with a litter to the victim, treated the injures, and called for additional rescuers in order to help with the evacuation. Three additional rescuers rappelled to the location of the victim, helped to package the patient, and helped in the evacuation. The remainder of the team cleaned up the systems and rappelled to the bottom of the canyon. The entire team helped to carry the victim to the road while providing appropriate patient care.

Here's one of the Officers making the 150 foot rappel into the Canyon located on the Robbers Roost trail:

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Ice Box Canyon Rescue

On June 12th, the Mountain Rescue Team responded to a rescue at Ice Box Canyon where an adult male and his ten year old nephew had become stuck approximately 30 feet above the pond. Upon arrival, it appeared as though the ten year old began climbing and became stuck. The Uncle then tried to climb after him, ultimately getting himself stuck in the same predicament.

Because of the location of the two stranded individuals, the Rescue team hiked in approximately 500 feet above them and lowered a Rescuer to both parties. The Rescuer was able to reach each of them and secure both to the rock using harnesses. In order to get both the Uncle and the ten year old to safety, they were lowered another 80 feet to the bottom of the canyon. The rescue took approximately 5 1/2 hours to conduct, but both parties left with no injuries.
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Drowning Victim and a Broken Ankle

Monday, June 7, 2010
Last weekend, LVMPDSAR experienced numerous call-outs to various parts of the Valley. After wrapping up the search for the missing hiker at Mt. Charleston on Saturday, the Dive Team responded to reports of a drowning victim at Lake Mead.

The 23-year-old victim had been swimming from one side of Morning Star Cove to the other when it was reported that he went under. His body was recovered by Dive Team volunteers around 6:30pm Saturday evening. An article on the incident can be found here.

Yesterday afternoon, three SAR officers and one Mountain Rescue volunteer responded to a hiker who had broken her ankle while hiking in Fletcher Canyon at Mt. Charleston. One SAR officer and one volunteer were lowered to the victim by hoist. Rescue personnel splinted the victim's ankle, hoisted her out of the canyon, and delivered her to a waiting ambulance where she was transported to the hospital.

Here's a video of a Rescuer being hoisted out of Fletcher Canyon after the victim was treated:

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Canine Hoist & Heat Advisory

Saturday, June 5, 2010
Today, the Mountain Rescue and Logistics Team spent the day at Mt. Charleston conducting a search for a missing person. Three teams of Mountain Rescue members fast-roped into an area near the peak of Mt. Charleston and worked their way down the loop trail. Two members of the LVMPD Canine Unit were utilized in the search.

Here's a picture that you don't see every day- one of the Canine Units being hoisted onto the LZ from the Huey.

See all Canine insertion photos here.

Be sure to bring lots of water with you while hiking and spending time outdoors! The Las Vegas Valley is experiencing a Heat Advisory Warning through the weekend. Although the area has experienced mild temperatures this Spring, it's time to start thinking about the importance of hydration as the Summer months approach.

Happy Hiking!
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