2012 Flash Floods

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

This year the Las Vegas Valley has been hit hard with Flash Floods due to high amounts of rain. We can't emphasize enough how dangerous flood waters can be. We highly recommend that you stay away from washes during times of flooding, don't drive through water, and stick to dry ground.

In late August, our Volunteers spent countless hours searching for William Mootz, a Henderson teen who was swept away in a wash on the East side of Las Vegas.  His body was eventually found by rescuers.  William's story can be found here.

Yesterday, our Unit rescued over 15 people from their vehicles. These drivers drove through water while water levels were low, however, were overcome by water as those levels quickly rose without warning. Video of some of these rescues can be found here.

Today our Officers and Volunteers are out searching for Calletano Lopez, a Maintenance worker who is believed to have been swept away by flood waters yesterday.   News about this story can be found here.

When flash floods consume the valley, stay away!
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