Drowning Victim and a Broken Ankle

Monday, June 7, 2010
Last weekend, LVMPDSAR experienced numerous call-outs to various parts of the Valley. After wrapping up the search for the missing hiker at Mt. Charleston on Saturday, the Dive Team responded to reports of a drowning victim at Lake Mead.

The 23-year-old victim had been swimming from one side of Morning Star Cove to the other when it was reported that he went under. His body was recovered by Dive Team volunteers around 6:30pm Saturday evening. An article on the incident can be found here.

Yesterday afternoon, three SAR officers and one Mountain Rescue volunteer responded to a hiker who had broken her ankle while hiking in Fletcher Canyon at Mt. Charleston. One SAR officer and one volunteer were lowered to the victim by hoist. Rescue personnel splinted the victim's ankle, hoisted her out of the canyon, and delivered her to a waiting ambulance where she was transported to the hospital.

Here's a video of a Rescuer being hoisted out of Fletcher Canyon after the victim was treated: