Canine Hoist & Heat Advisory

Saturday, June 5, 2010
Today, the Mountain Rescue and Logistics Team spent the day at Mt. Charleston conducting a search for a missing person. Three teams of Mountain Rescue members fast-roped into an area near the peak of Mt. Charleston and worked their way down the loop trail. Two members of the LVMPD Canine Unit were utilized in the search.

Here's a picture that you don't see every day- one of the Canine Units being hoisted onto the LZ from the Huey.

See all Canine insertion photos here.

Be sure to bring lots of water with you while hiking and spending time outdoors! The Las Vegas Valley is experiencing a Heat Advisory Warning through the weekend. Although the area has experienced mild temperatures this Spring, it's time to start thinking about the importance of hydration as the Summer months approach.

Happy Hiking!