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National Organizations

Mountain Rescue Association
A volunteer organization dedicated to saving lives through rescue and mountain safety education.  Established in 1958 at Timberline Lodge Mount Hood Oregon.

National Association for Search and Rescue
A non-profit membership association comprised of thousands of dedicated paid and non-paid professionals - all active or interested in search and rescue, disaster aid, emergency medicine, and awareness education.

National Cave Rescue Commission
The National Cave Rescue Commission (NCRC) received its charter from the National Speleological Society in 1979, and serves as the Society's representative on issues of cave rescue training and operations.

National Institute for Urban Search and Rescue
Dedicated to improving disaster preparedness and response through public awareness, collaboration, research, and engineering.

Federal Emergency Management Agency
Dedicated to reduce loss of life and property and protect our nation's critical infrastructure from all types of hazards through a comprehensive, risk-based, emergency management program of mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

National Ski Patrol
Federally chartered nonprofit membership association dedicated to serving the public and the mountain recreation industry by providing education services about emergency care and safety.

Wilderness Medical Associates
Leading the World in Wilderness and Remote Medicine.

Search and Rescue Teams

Central Arizona Mountain Rescue Association
Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Mountain Rescue Team based out of Phoenix, AZ.  Non-profit, volunteer organization that provides technical Search and Rescue services to the fifth largest county in the US.

Portland Mountain Rescue
Portland, OR based non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to saving lives through rescue and education.

El Paso County Search and Rescue
A mountain search and rescue unit dedicated to saving lives through search, rescue, and mountain safety education.

Socorro Search and Rescue
New Mexico Emergency Services Council - New Mexico Department of Public Safety.

Riverside Mountain Rescue
All volunteer search and rescue team that covers Riverside County and assists other teams with search and rescue efforts in other counties.

Dive Rescue Teams

Ventura County Search and Rescue Dive Team
A nonprofit, volunteer team formed to provide the Ventura County Sheriff's Department with a group of highly trained scuba divers who will provide search, rescue, and recovery services in open bodies of water within the county.

Search and Rescue Training, Equipment, and Information

Rigging for Rescue
Offering technical rope work seminars renowned for their focus on applying the critical thinking and systems analysis skills required to competently incorporate rope work and rigging into effective rescue systems.

Rescue 3 International
One of the leading rescue instructional and research concerns in the world teaching state-of-the-art courses in swiftwater, rope, helicopter, boat-based, and other technical rescue.

Dive Rescue International
Training and Equipment for Public Safety Professionals.

CMC Rescue
Supporting the Rescue Community with equipment and training for more than 20 years.

Australian search and rescue training and resource guide.

Team Portal

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