Overton, Red Rock, and a Reprieve from the Heat

Sunday, August 28, 2011

When it comes to rescues, it's impossible to predict what's going to happen or where we'll end up next. Last week, we responded to Overton and Red Rock Canyon for separate missions. One involved an ATV crash and the other was a response to a stranded climber.

August 17th - ATV crash in Overton

Bureau of Land Management Officers were out conducting a cattle survey in the Area Northeast of Overton Beach. They conducted this survey using 4- wheeler ATV's and started around 1230 in the afternoon.

They came to an area where they had to drive up a wash area that went up approximately 60-70 feet. The first Officer made it to the top on the initial attempt. The second Officer followed suit and became stuck. After backing up and making several more attempts to make it up the hill, his wheel came off the ground and he lost balance. Unable to get off of the 4 wheeler, it rolled with the Officer several times down the hill stopping close to the bottom where it wedged against 2 scrub trees.

The Officer was wearing riding gear and a helmet, both legs were trapped underneath the 4 wheeler and he was face down. The first Officer was unable to lift the quad off his partner's legs, so he drove his quad to an area where he was able to get cell phone service and called for help. This area took approximately 1.5 hours to get to.

While his partner was getting help, the trapped Officer was able to deflate a tire and push with his freed leg to pull the other leg out.

Both subjects had run out of water, and per the details that were stated by the Officers, both were dehydrated, and one was hyperthermic.

Upon our arrival we had the first Officer go to Air 6 to be evalulated/hydrated. Our Unit helped to treat the injured atv patient who had visible minor burns on his right leg, no loss of conscious, pain to right ankle and pain in upper right quadrant and lower left quadrant. He was placed in a c-collar, back boarded, and his ankle was splinted. Some anti-nasuea medicine and water was also orally administered.

Due to the terrain, the injured Officer was hoisted approximately 60 feet into air 6. Both victims were flown to staged medical. The injured Officer was transported by mercy air to UMC, and the other Officer was transported to UMC by ground ambulance.

August 18th - Stranded Climber at Red Rock

At 1700 hours, two Officers and two Pilots were dispatched to the Calico 2 area of Red Rock Canyon referencing 3 hikers. One who was stuck on a ledge and unable to move for fear of falling 90 feet.

Upon arrival, Officers could see the 18 year old male victim in distress on a down sloping portion of a formation near the top of calico 2. One Officer was hoisted approximately 80 feet to a safe area above the victim. The victim was on a foot-wide area on a down sloping ledge that went vertical where he was located. He stated that he "couldn't feel his leg and he was going to fall." He was unable to move up or down from his position, but had wedged himself and had decent contact with the rock.

The Officer used his 30 foot 8mil rope, attached it to the victim harness and talked him through putting it on around his waist and one leg. After being secured, the Officer anchored himself and encouraged the victim to work his way toward him. Once in a safe spot, he was hoisted out and handed off to BLM and Metro Resident Officers. Air 6 then returned to collect the remaining two victims and Officer.

The victims stated they had began hiking around 2 pm, they started at sandstone and were unfamiliar with the area, ending up above calico 2 area. They said the stranded hiker had deviated from the others and had become stuck trying to work down to them.

Other than a couple of rescues here and there, we've made an attempt to take a reprieve from the heat by practicing some of our skills indoors rather than outside. In this picture, we're practicing knot passes on rappel and ascent with the help of our 6 ton crane and portable stairs.

Here's a shot of our Huey's at rest, but ready for rescue response.

Stay safe and hydrated!
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Cold Creek and Mary Jane Falls Rescues

Thursday, August 11, 2011

On Sunday, August 7, two Officers responded to two different rescues:

The first rescue was a search for a man who was supposed to be hiking in Cold Creek.  Trails were searched, including Wheeler Pass without locating the man. After flying the area and feeling confident that we did not miss him, we cleared from the call pending further information and investigation by ground units. The man later turned up somewhere in town.

The second rescue of the day was at Mary Jane Falls. A 10 year old boy had fallen 12 feet and sustained a back injury. As a result of the accident, he was unable to walk.

A rescue pilot flew one officer to the scene while the second officer drove to the Mary Jane Falls trailhead.

The helicopter was able to perform a two-skid toe-in at the base of the falls and the Offcer was able to get out and begin to treat the victim. Once the second Officer arrived, he was flown to the same location along with the litter and backboard.

Nevada Division of Forestry firefighters arrived and assisted the two Officers with placing the boy on the Miller Board and into the litter. The boy was then carried back to the LZ where the helicopter was able to land and pick them up. One officer flew with the victim to the trailhead parking lot and passed the victim off to AMR for transport to UMC trauma.

The helicopter then returned to pick up the second Officer.

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First Online Fundraiser

Monday, August 1, 2011

Last month, we conducted our very first online fundraiser, aimed at raising funds for the volunteers that help support this Unit. Much of the equipment that is used to conduct rescue missions are purchased by the volunteers themselves. Money donated by members of the Community help to subsidize the cost of this equipment. As you can imagine, each volunteer is beyond thankful for every contribution that is made.

Total raised = $1,225

We'd like to thank the following donors:

  • Michael Perkins
  • Beebe Clark
  • Jeremy Wallace
  • John McConvill
  • Nicholas Canepa
  • Erin Pavlina
  • Danielle C.
  • Philip McKay
  • Thomas Lawlor
  • Justin Stafford
  • Jacqueline Wetzel
  • Matt and Stacy Waltz
  • Jerry and Linda Richardson
  • The Bluth Family
  • Erik Sandhu
  • The Richardson/Davis Family
  • Cheryl Tritley
  • Angie Paul
  • Andy Wallace
  • Amy Ling
  • Alan Pritchard
  • Wet Rat Consult
  • Patrick McCarrick
Thank you again for your kind contributions and support!
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