Black Orpheus Rescue

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Yesterday morning at about 8:00am, four Mountain Rescue Officers and seven Volunteers responded to the Red Rock Overlook off of Charleston Blvd.  The call was in response to two climbers who had found themselves stranded on Black Orpheus, a climb located in the Oak Creek area of Red Rock Canyon.

On Sunday, two climbers began their ascent of Black Orpheus in anticipation of a late exit.  Along with their climbing gear, they packed warm clothes and a headlamp.  As they made their way up, they lost the route at one point.  As they struggled to find the route, they eventually ran out of gear as well as batteries in their lamp.  They found a belay ledge, anchored themselves in, and committed to spending the night.  They were too high on the route to rap down.

Once they were settled in, the two climbers were able to get a cell signal and sent a message out relaying their current situation and that they would attempt to climb out in the morning.  This message was eventually relayed to LVMPDSAR.  As a result, one Officer was flown to the area early Monday morning to check on their status.

As the helicopter scanned the area, they found the two climbers still stranded.  Once it was confirmed that they needed help, the team was called to the area.  All Officers and Volunteers were flown about 400 feet above the climbers where technical systems were set up.  Two rescuers were lowered to the area where the climbers were located.  The rest of the team set up a mechanical advantage and raised everyone back to the top in pairs of two.

After all climbers, rescuers, and equipment were retrieved from the climb, everyone was flown back to the Red Rock Overlook.  Both climbers were uninjured and after drinking some water and eating some snacks, they were sent on their way.
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