Rescues at Red Rock and Mt. Charleston

Monday, August 23, 2010
Last Thursday evening, the Mountain Rescue Team was called out to Red Rock Canyon. A hiker had found himself lodged in a crack with no way of climbing up or down. Rescuers were inserted above the stuck hiker where anchor systems were set up. One rescuer was lowered to the victim, a harness was placed on the victim to secure them into the system, and the rescuer and victim were both lowered to the ground. The victim suffered no injuries and was extracted via helicopter.

Yesterday, a call came in from a hiker who had found himself lost while hiking the Loop Trail at Mt. Charleston. Instead of staying on the loop trail, the hiker inadvertently veered onto the Griffith Peak Trail, ultimately finding himself on the Harris Saddle Trail located in Lovell Canyon. The lost hiker, after running out of water and food, was able to get cell phone reception and call for help.

The Huey, along with one LVMPDSAR Officer and two Mountain Rescue volunteers, flew to the area to locate the hiker. Unfortunately, high winds prevented the Huey from being able to perform hoist operations, so the three rescuers were inserted about 3 miles from the hiker. Rescuers hiked in, located the hiker, and walked him to Harris Springs Rd. where all members were driven out by a Resident Officer.
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Big Wall Training

On Saturday, the Mountain Rescue team was inserted via fast-rope into an area located North of Pine Creek in Red Rock Canyon for this month's weekend training mission. The scenario consisted of reports from a climber who was able to get cell phone reception and call for help. His climbing partner had fallen and had been injured in the process.

As Mountain Rescue volunteers arrived, anchor systems were set up and a plan was put in motion. The scenario included a lower of about 800 feet that would place the rescuers at the location of the patient. After systems were set up, two rescuers were lowered along with the litter and medical pack that would help them provide patient care.

Here's a picture of two rescuers being lowered to the patient:

Rescuers nearing the bottom of the descent:

Rescuers providing patient care:

Because initial reports were so vague, the rescuers discovered that the climber had fallen about 60 feet, suffering from wounds to the face, lower right arm, and right femur. Rescuers addressed each of the injuries and packaged the patient.

Rescuer starting an IV:

The patient was extracted by hoist to complete the training mission.
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Successful Orientation

Saturday, August 14, 2010
2010 Recruitment is in full swing! Sixty-one people showed up to our orientation session today. After a Unit overview, a preview of what this year's Mountain Rescue Class itinerary and schedule will be, a question and answer session, and a tour of the hangar, 53 of those people who showed up today expressed interest in moving on with the process. This type of interest is very exciting! LVMPDSAR would like to thank everyone who attended today's session!

The Mountain Rescue Unit typically consists of 20-30 volunteers, depending on need. With these types of numbers, it makes for a fairly competitive recruitment process. Next steps are to conduct interview sessions and a physical fitness test. Out of the 53 people who go through this process, about 20 are chosen to attend our Basics Training Class.

The LVMPDSAR Basics Class lasts about two months and doesn't require previous mountain rescue knowledge or experience. People who are invited to attend this class are taught basic mountain rescue techniques and are required to display appropriate physical fitness standards. Although all invited members go through the entire class, it does not guarantee anyone a position on the Volunteer Unit. Once the class is complete, LVMPDSAR officers and volunteers choose who they feel will be a good fit for the team.

If you missed this year's recruitment, feel free to submit your interest at any time. We will contact you as soon as recruitment opens again in the future.
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Volunteers Come In All Sizes

Thursday, August 12, 2010
All members of the Mountain Rescue Team are required to obtain an EMT-Basic Certification at a minimum. In order to maintain this certification, the team conducts continuing education sessions throughout the year. Last night we had a special visitor come in to help the team practice providing medical care to patients that we seldom see - Children.

Here's a picture of one of our SAR Officers demonstrating a primary assessment.

This is the team in action, practicing a patient scenario. Rescuers waited outside while Officers staged the patient and environment. In order to simulate a real-life scenario, Officers turned out the lights and pumped smoke into the room to emulate a night-time storm. Rescuers, without knowing what to expect, entered the room and treated the patient as if it were real.

Miller Board practice.

And finally, a picture of the team with a potential future volunteer!

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Thank you!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010
We would like to take a brief moment to thank all of those individuals that expressed interested in joining our Unit! We received numerous submissions from various people in the Las Vegas community and appreciate everyone's willingness and desire to help make a difference. This year's recruitment effort is sure to be a great success!

As a general rule, the LVMPDSAR Unit recruits once every 12 to 24 months, based on need. We retain all submitted interest forms and contact those individuals once the selection process opens again. So, all of you who missed this year's deadline, don't hesitate to submit your interest form at any time. We'll contact you the next time the recruitment process begins!
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Recruitment Deadline Fast Approaching

Tuesday, August 3, 2010
This Sunday is the deadline to submit interest for the 2010 recruitment with the Mountain Rescue Team. Complete the form online here!
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