Guide Line Training

Monday, September 20, 2010

Guide lines are a useful tool to use when there is a need to move an object from a high point to a low point while avoiding multiple obstacles. Last weekend, the Mountain Rescue team headed to Willow Springs to practice using a guide line to lower a Rescuer and patient from a high point to a low point.

Here's a shot of the team setting up the high-point systems:

Rescuers placing a victim into the litter and attaching to the main and belay. Once the Rescuer and victim are securely in the system, they will be attached to the guide line (white rope):

Rescuer moving the patient over the edge with the help of an edge person:
Continuing to move the patient over the edge:

The Rescuer and victim have transitioned the edge. The guide line is the white rope running from the high point to the low point. In this case, the anchor used as the low point is a Unit truck.

After multiple evolutions using and fine-tuning the guide line application, the team hiked the White Rock Loop, a 6.5 mile hike that begins and ends in Willow Springs. It was a perfect day to be outside!