Recent Rescues

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sunday, April 10th

On Sunday afternoon, two officers and two pilots responded to Calico I for an injured female with a possible broken ankle.  The helicopter was able to perform a one-skid landing, which allowed one of the Officers to exit the helicopter and make his way to the patient who was with CCFD and BLM Rangers.  She was placed in a litter, carried to the Landing Zone, and flown to the Charleston Overlook where she was transferred to medical.

On Sunday night, one pilot and one officer responded to a call in Sandy Valley to search for a suicidal subject after the subject's vehicle was located in the area.  After extensive searching, the body of the subject was found and an additional officer was called out to help with the body recovery.  The two officers were flown to the area where they collected evidence and transported the body to the Coroner.

Monday, April 11th

One pilot and two officers flew to Laughlin where a 20-year old female was hoisted off of a cliff.  She had fallen down a slope and became stuck in a spot directly above a vertical cliff.  Other than multiple abrasions, she had no significant injuries.  After providing medical care, the woman was hoisted into the Huey and transported to medical.

Tuesday, April 12th

Four officers, two pilots, and nine MR volunteers responded to Red Springs to retrieve two hikers who had became stranded on a cliff face while hiking.  As they continued to boulder up the side of the canyon, they eventually ran out of daylight and a clear trail to hike out.  Neither hiker had appropriate clothing or food, but were able to get cell phone reception from their location.  Because they were located in an area where the helicopter was unable to reach them, Rescue Personnel were flown above the hikers where technical systems were set up.  Two Rescuers were lowered to the hikers where they were retrieved and eventually lowered to the bottom of the canyon.  Neither hiker was injured.