Q1 2011 Mission Detail

Sunday, April 3, 2011
Total YTD Missions for 2011: 114

For Q1 of 2011, LVMPDSAR recorded the following activity:

Mountain Rescue Missions:

  • 32 missions
  • 40 people rescued
  • 15 people were injured
  • 2 Fatalities – Both ATV Related
  • MR Volunteers involved in 6 missions
  • 8 Missions Involving four- wheeling accidents or stranded folks
  • 21 Missions involving lost or injured hikers
  • 3 Missions involving stuck or injured climbers
Dive Team:
  • No missions first quarter.
  • No missions first quarter.
  • 82 missions in support of SWAT
  • Volunteers were involved in all 82 missions
Missions of Interest:
  • On 3/12/11, SAR Officers along with two Mountain Rescue civilian volunteers conducted a technical rescue in Pine Creek Canyon on Dark Shadows (5.8). A male climber fell while leading pitch three and decked on the pitch two belay ledge. Other climbs still on the route were able to immediately assist the climber and his partner and make the emergency notification. The climbers on the route, along with several hikers and climbers at the base of the route assisted SAR personnel with the evacuation of the injured climber. (Pictures attached of Jason being helicopter in to the mouth of the canyon, for this rescue).
  • On 3/16/11 SAR Officers along with seven Mountain Rescue volunteers responded to Juniper Canyon with a report of two experienced climbers who were significantly overdue. The climbers were located on the Brownstone wall, approximately 20 feet off the canyon floor and approximately 600 feet from the top of the canyon wall. Due to high winds, helicopter operations were limited. Ultimately, the climbers were rescued unharmed after approximately 17 hours on a belay ledge. The climbers were prepared for the cool weather and were in excellent shape when the rescue team arrived at their location. This rescue started simply with a struck rope on rappel.
  • On 3/23/11 SAR Officers responded to Oak Creek Canyon for a report of two climbers stranded on the Solar Slab Terrace in an extreme spring storm which included rain, snow, temperatures in the low 30’s and wind gusts over 60 mph. The climbers were not prepared with wet weather gear and became hypothermic very quickly. Due to extreme weather, it took several hours to locate and get personnel to the climbers. Both climbers did a good job of self rescue and were able to get themselves off the technical terrain, but had become hypothermic to the point of incapacitation. Both climbers were evacuated by SAR personnel with the assistance of Metro Rescue Pilots. Core body temperatures were in the high 70’s to low 80’s. Proper equipment preparation is key to survival when things start to go wrong!