Thanksgiving Day Rescue

Saturday, November 27, 2010

On Thursday afternoon, Mountain Rescue Volunteers were called to the Red Rock Canyon Overlook in response to initial reports of a fallen climber in Oak Creek Canyon.

Two SAR Officers were flown to the scene and were hoisted to a ledge approximately 400 feet off of the canyon floor. From there, the Officers extracted the 42 year old climber from a crack where she had landed after falling what was estimated to be 45-50 feet. The climber was hoisted out of the canyon and delivered to flight, who transported the victim to the hospital.

The female climber had been climbing with a friend and suffered from multiple skull fractures, cervical fractures, and massive brain swelling as a result of the fall. Rescue personnel took less than an hour to respond and extract the injured climber from the the area that she was located.

News Channel 13 was on scene. Their report of the incident can be found here.