Got Gore-Tex?

Monday, November 1, 2010
The weather is starting to cool down (finally) in the Las Vegas Valley. This means that it's time to start pulling out your winter gear. For most desert dwellers, those Gore-Tex jackets spend most of their time stuffed away in a closet somewhere. On the rare occasion that they're actually pulled out to do their job, most owners will find that their outer wear isn't doing what it's supposed to do. Why isn't the Gore-Tex jacket that you've owned for 10 years no longer keeping you dry?

Most people would do the next most sensible thing - go out and buy a new jacket. And hey, why not?

I know that I'm about to squash your reasoning for buying the latest and greatest jacket, but the truth is that Gore-Tex is actually a type of fabric. Over time, those Gore-Tex fibers are compromised. Not on purpose, but just from normal wear and tear. It's really easy to restore the fibers so that they go back to protecting you from the elements - just wash your garments using powdered detergent and throw them in the dryer under medium heat. The time spent in the washer will clean the dirt and grime from your jacket while the heat from the dryer repairs those compromised fibers. Ironing your garments using medium heat also works! So, if you find that your Gore-Tex garments aren't doing the trick any more, try these simple steps to keep yourself dry during those cold and wet days spent in the desert.

For more specific information about how to care for your outdoor apparel, visit the Gore-Tex Care Center.