Rescues at Red Rock and Mt. Charleston

Monday, August 23, 2010
Last Thursday evening, the Mountain Rescue Team was called out to Red Rock Canyon. A hiker had found himself lodged in a crack with no way of climbing up or down. Rescuers were inserted above the stuck hiker where anchor systems were set up. One rescuer was lowered to the victim, a harness was placed on the victim to secure them into the system, and the rescuer and victim were both lowered to the ground. The victim suffered no injuries and was extracted via helicopter.

Yesterday, a call came in from a hiker who had found himself lost while hiking the Loop Trail at Mt. Charleston. Instead of staying on the loop trail, the hiker inadvertently veered onto the Griffith Peak Trail, ultimately finding himself on the Harris Saddle Trail located in Lovell Canyon. The lost hiker, after running out of water and food, was able to get cell phone reception and call for help.

The Huey, along with one LVMPDSAR Officer and two Mountain Rescue volunteers, flew to the area to locate the hiker. Unfortunately, high winds prevented the Huey from being able to perform hoist operations, so the three rescuers were inserted about 3 miles from the hiker. Rescuers hiked in, located the hiker, and walked him to Harris Springs Rd. where all members were driven out by a Resident Officer.