Big Wall Training

Monday, August 23, 2010
On Saturday, the Mountain Rescue team was inserted via fast-rope into an area located North of Pine Creek in Red Rock Canyon for this month's weekend training mission. The scenario consisted of reports from a climber who was able to get cell phone reception and call for help. His climbing partner had fallen and had been injured in the process.

As Mountain Rescue volunteers arrived, anchor systems were set up and a plan was put in motion. The scenario included a lower of about 800 feet that would place the rescuers at the location of the patient. After systems were set up, two rescuers were lowered along with the litter and medical pack that would help them provide patient care.

Here's a picture of two rescuers being lowered to the patient:

Rescuers nearing the bottom of the descent:

Rescuers providing patient care:

Because initial reports were so vague, the rescuers discovered that the climber had fallen about 60 feet, suffering from wounds to the face, lower right arm, and right femur. Rescuers addressed each of the injuries and packaged the patient.

Rescuer starting an IV:

The patient was extracted by hoist to complete the training mission.