Helmets Save Lives

Monday, May 26, 2014

This year's Memorial weekend has been very busy for our Unit, but there's one story that sticks out the most because we see this very often.

Last Saturday evening, our Unit was dispatched to Red Rock in response to reports of a fallen climber.  Our volunteers and officers began to head to the area by car while our pilots fired up the 500 and flew to the area.  It was reported that the climber had taken a fall on Peyote Power. 

When our rescuers reached the patient, it was apparent that he had taken a large fall based on his injuries.  His helmet was cracked and he complained of pain in his ribs, wrist, and ankle.  Friends who were on scene and witnessed the fall reported that while falling, his pro had dislodged, which resulted in a 20-30 foot fall.  When the climber abruptly stopped, one side of his body along with his head slammed into the rock face.  Although he was awake when rescuers arrived, he had initially lost consciousness.

Rescuers treated his injuries, but the big concern was the head injury that the climber had sustained.  Based on this concern, the climber was short-hauled out of the canyon where he was delivered to a waiting ambulance.

This is a photo of the outside of the climber's helmet (a bit deceiving):

And the inside (this tells the story):

There's no question that this helmet saved a life.

When it comes to climbing, or belaying, or being anywhere near a situation where your head may come in contact with rock, wearing a helmet will potentially save your life.  With that said, put one on!  It's such an easy thing to do.