How the Balloon Festival Came to be

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

If you've had the opportunity to read the details outlined on our volunteer and donation pages, you'll quickly realize that there is a whole lot of time, dedication, and money that goes into being a LVMPDSAR volunteer.  We constantly strive to be the best, which results in an innate desire to attain the best equipment and training that we can put our hands on.  Our team constistently tests and researches the equipment and techniques that we use, we train multiple times a month, and on top of that, we look for ways to improve ourselves by hiring outside agencies to provide training to our Dive, Mountain Rescue, and TEMS teams.  We treat learning and growth just as seriously as we treat a mission and in the end, we want to be the best that we can be.

Like most non-profits, the desire to help the community often collides with funding.  The only way that we're able to pay for extra equipment or training without having to dig into our own pockets is to ask for donations.  Unfortunately for us, we're horrible at asking for donations.

A couple of years ago, the volunteers gathered in a room and discussed our fundraising options.  We knew that receiving donations from the community would help with our training and equipment needs, but we didn't feel comfortable making the request.  Instead, we rattled through a number of ideas and settled on hosting a hot air balloon festival.  We knew that it would be a huge undertaking and lots of work to organize, but we liked it because it would provide the community with an unforgettable event that we hoped they would enjoy.  And of course, the end result would be that we'd receive donations to meet our needs.

Since that meeting, our volunteers took the hot air balloon idea and ran with it!  Not only does our festival include hot air balloons, but we have many other activities to enjoy.  Delicious food, a carnival, rides, SAR and police demos, tethered and untethered balloon rides, and the opportunity to meet the LVMPDSAR volunteers in person.  As our second event quickly approaches, we have decided that accepting donations in a way that gives back to the community suits us best.

Please plan on joining us the weekend of October 25 - 27th.  We'll be at Southern Hills Hospital, located off of Sunset and the 215, and entry into the event is FREE!

For more information as well as an event schedule, visit the Las Vegas Balloon Festival website.

We hope to see you there!