North Loop Trail Rescue

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

On Tuesday, February 21 at approximately 1200 hours, LVMPDSAR received reports of a man who had gone snowshoeing up the south loop trail and decided to try to short cut the north loop trail until he ended up on the cliff bands below the ridge.

Two pilots and three Officers flew in the Huey to the area and located the uninjured victim at 1245.

One Officer was lowered via hoist to the ground where he was able to prepare the victim in the Bauman Screamer Suit for the hoist into the helicopter.

Once placed in the suit, the Victim and Officer were hoisted into the Huey where both were secured inside the aircraft. The Victim was then flown to a landing zone where U.S. Forestry and LVMPD Resident officers were waiting.

The victim was located within the vicinity of N 36 16.825, W 115 41.187 at 9600 feet