Cold Creek and Mary Jane Falls Rescues

Thursday, August 11, 2011

On Sunday, August 7, two Officers responded to two different rescues:

The first rescue was a search for a man who was supposed to be hiking in Cold Creek.  Trails were searched, including Wheeler Pass without locating the man. After flying the area and feeling confident that we did not miss him, we cleared from the call pending further information and investigation by ground units. The man later turned up somewhere in town.

The second rescue of the day was at Mary Jane Falls. A 10 year old boy had fallen 12 feet and sustained a back injury. As a result of the accident, he was unable to walk.

A rescue pilot flew one officer to the scene while the second officer drove to the Mary Jane Falls trailhead.

The helicopter was able to perform a two-skid toe-in at the base of the falls and the Offcer was able to get out and begin to treat the victim. Once the second Officer arrived, he was flown to the same location along with the litter and backboard.

Nevada Division of Forestry firefighters arrived and assisted the two Officers with placing the boy on the Miller Board and into the litter. The boy was then carried back to the LZ where the helicopter was able to land and pick them up. One officer flew with the victim to the trailhead parking lot and passed the victim off to AMR for transport to UMC trauma.

The helicopter then returned to pick up the second Officer.