It's Hot in Iraq, so Drink Lots of Water!

Monday, June 27, 2011

The 10 day weather forecast for Baghdad, Iraq:

The 10 day weather forecast for Las Vegas, NV:

Sure does look similar, doesn't it?

Our troops are exposed to the same type of heat that we experience in Southern Nevada during the summer months.  Our troops are in the elements, carrying mass amounts of equipment, and have a very important job to perform.  In all of this, the most important job for them is to take care of themselves.  It goes without saying that in order to accomplish this, hydration is key.

Most of us can agree that being at war has its negatives.  However, war also produces new studies, knowledge, and technology that can only be learned in times like these.  Because our troops are at work in an environment much like Southern Nevada, we are able to pull new and vital information on how to better survive and work in a desert environment.

Reasons why hydration is so important:
  1. Body heat management
  2. Increased endurance
  3. Cognition improvement
  4. Maintain proper water balance in the body's tissues
  5. Keeps you alive
As temperatures in Southern Nevada continue to increase and stay in the triple digits, don't forget to hydrate.  Do it often and do it well!

Here are links to a couple of studies that have come out of hydration lessons learned while at war:

Thank you, Troops, for everything that you do!