Echo Canyon Evacuation

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Today, seven Mountain Rescue volunteers and four officers responded to Echo Canyon, located near the Mt. Charleston lodge. The objective of the mission was to go door-to-door to determine which residents were still in their homes, which chose to stay, and which chose to evacuate.

The reason for the voluntary evacuation was the report of multiple slides in the area along with an avalanche warning that remains in effect. Rescuers climbed through 5-6 feet of snow to check each home, ultimately taking one man to an established emergency shelter. Rescue teams also helped residents retrieve medications and other personal supplies from their homes and checked in on one man who chose to stay in his residence. The door-to-door evacuation took about four hours.

Multiple news agencies were in the area covering the story. One of the stories can be found here.

Pictures of the day's events: