Survivor 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010
The University Medical Center of Southern Nevada is utilized by many Las Vegas residents for a variety of medical reasons. In addition to providing patient care, UMC is also home to medical students who participate in the University of Nevada School of Medicine residency programs. In recent years, LVMPDSAR has partnered with UMC to offer medical students who are interested in Wilderness Medicine the opportunity to spend time with some of our Officers and Volunteers to learn basic outdoor rescue and survival techniques.

The course is appropriately named, "Survivor 2010".

On day one, students spent time in the classroom reviewing basic techniques and knots. By lunch-time, these go-getters were already in full swing, rappelling off of our tower - some of them for the first time!

After students were able to practice the basics in a controlled environment, they headed to red rock on day 2 to see what it was like to rappel on real rock.

This group had no problem adapting to the new environment and spent the next two days learning basic lowering and raising systems, litter management, wilderness medicine techniques, practiced their rock climbing skills, and even conducted their own mock rescue!

Here's the group in all of their wilderness glory!

This was the second year that LVMPDSAR participated in this program. We enjoyed our time with the 2010 group and look forward to 2011!